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Havoc Pro Scooters

Havoc Storm 2024 - Black

Havoc Storm 2024 - Black

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We have taken all things into consideration while designing this totally rad new Street/park scooter.  We have seen the scooter scene changing to more of a street style deck.  With the new storm scooter riders  are able to ride both Street and Park.

The newly designed 2024 Havoc Storm comes with 110 mm wheels that sit on a 4.8 x 19.5” deck and aluminum handlebars which makes it much lighter! 6.87 Lbs. This scooter comes in two colours Oilslick and black.

The Havoc Storm scooter is also fully customizable, and will grow with the rider and his capabilities, it makes for a great Pro Scooter that will last.


Bars: 24” x 21” (Aluminum)

Deck: 19.5” x 4.8” 

Brake: Havoc Aluminium Flex Brake

Fork: Havoc Forged Steel Fork

Headset: Havoc Fully Sealed Integrated Headset

Compression: Havoc IHC

Clamp: Havoc Double Clamp

Wheels: Havoc 110mm spoked 85-88 Pu High rebound rubber

Grips: Havoc Grips

Total Weight: 6.87 Lbs 

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