Havoc Pro Scooters Semantics x Identity

In Havoc Pro Scooters we like to meditate about scootering and the culture we keep developing through it. From the beginning of time there’s been a feeling or necessity to separate the term SCOOTER in our sport from motor scooters. So there we started with freestyle scooter, kick scooter, stunt scooter, pro scooter and the infamous SMX branding weird thing that went on for a while. Branding has affected or contributed some crazy  terms  like Pro Stunt Scooter and Pro Stunt Kick Scooter, mixing to many prefixes for target purposes. All this things affects the way we talk about what sport we do, and what device we use to perform it.

We can refer or use different terms (synonyms) for the same thing. We will always have an option, for example: We can say parts or  Pro/stunt/kick/freestyle Scooter Accessories? Change the location and language and you have “patinete” and locations are key since every group defines how they will choose to name it. Who knows how many other terms may be created, twisted and forge to brand and re- brand? But more importantly how many more will we accept in order to give a definition to what we do?

The answers to this questions don’t require a big empiric approach. In essence we ride scooters, and practice scootering. We perform stunts, we freestyle our lines, we know the difference between a foldable scooter, or an electric scooter from a stunt scooter, and we can differentiate a Pro from a n AM. That being said is easy to understand that In the end  they are all scooters and we can ride them all.