How to choose the best Trick scooter for your style of riding

Spring is ahead, and your thinking is time for a  new trick scooter! But sometimes it can be  overwhelming with so many options out there. Don’t stress out, allow us to help you identify what stunt scooter is most fit for you! Let’s take it step by step!


A) Define your Style!

Is no secret that the sport is divided between street and park. There’s also technical,flatland, snow & dirt. So is very important to know what you enjoy the most and go for that. The good thing is that all styles are challenging in their own way so the Pro scooter tricks and stunts vary amongst them.

Usually decks longer than 20 inches are better for street. Take our Havoc Hoss for example, it features a 22” inches long deck. that makes it easier to lock into ledges and rails for longer periods of time. In the case your planning to go high on ramps and do tricks like whip to buttercups, then you’re better off by getting a lighter deck such as our Havoc Storm whose total weight is just  8.35 Lbs (3.7Kg).

Remember to take in consideration what scooter tricks you wanna progress in, that itself can help you determine if you want a long or short scooter deck.


B) Squared or Angled? x Wide or Narrowed?

Angled decks are perfect for rocking some pegs. Look at the angled end of the Havoc Jai Walker Descendant. This is perfect for the technical rider. So if your thing is locking “whip to feeble to five0 to smith to heel out” you should think about an angled deck with pegs.

Square decks looks gas and you can always change deck ends. Is a different feeling 50-50ing on the edge of the deck rather than pegs, it all depends on preference. Square decks have more foot space and that’s a big deal if you have big feet. Also it has the benefit of hugging your feet in a more solid manner.  Our Havoc Hoss is 5.3” inches (133mm) wide deck so if you’re a big size shoe this fits perfect.

Of course if you’re still very young or if your an adult getting a scooter for your kid  there are still awesome pro scooters in the market like the Havoc Mini, featuring Bars size 17” x 16.5” (431mm x 419mm) and a 15.5” x 4.5” (393mm x 114mm)  narrowed Deck.


B) Bar Size an Angle

If your a big boy/girl you need tall bars that won’t make you look like your 80yrs old on a scooter. This is what big bars looks like hoss bars 27” x 24” (686mm x 609mm)].  Also is preferable to have strong light bars. Our pro Jai Walker recommends this titanium bars. Also is worth to mention that the head tube angle in the scooter is also of importance. Test how the bars feel in correlation with your arms height and shoulder wide.


C) Compatibility

In the beginner phase we recommend you get complete scooters, simply because companies make sure that all parts matches. Our Havoc Storm Complete is a very clear representation of what a long lasting, complete should be.

If you’re more experienced and like building your own; Make sue your fork, compression, wheels, bolts, and all other parts matches or else you might not be able to ride until you fix the issue.


D) Balance

There are also options that can handle very well street and park through the combination of  light weight with a long length.  Thats the case with our Artemis deck. Truth is at some point you will identify the balance you like in correlation to length, wide and weight. And this will always be affected by what style you identify with, and what freestyle scooter tricks you’re trying.

Overall choosing a scooter isn’t that difficult. Have some fun choosing your colors, customizing your grip, make it yours, OWN IT.