About Havoc Pro Scooters

HavocPro Scooters was established in 2011. Since then, HavocPro Scooters has become the most popular brand in Canada and is expanding rapidly into the USA and Australia. Please see our store locator. There continues to be an increasing amount of scooter competitions throughout the world which is creating longevity and popularity in this exciting sport. Be sure to check our event calendar and social media pages for additional info.

HavocPro Scooters are designed by riders for riders. Our products offer excellent performance and durability. Our mission is to promote our brand extensively and continue to support our fast growing Havoc dealer network. We strive on providing the best quality, customer service and warranty in the industry. We have a growing number of Sponsored Havoc Riders that continues to strengthen our brand and educate scooter riders. In the last few years, we have taken all our HavocPro Riders on extensive cross country tours throughout North America and continue to involve them in select competitions. Please see our videos from these tours and competitions.


David Grant

Co owner / Warranty



Steve Lock

Co owner / Customer Service



Tammy Walker

co owner Havoc AU