Choosing Parts for your Custom Pro Scooter

Want a Custom Pro Scooter? If you’re interested in how to customize your pro scooter, there is a few things to keep in mind when you are doing so. At Havoc Pro Scooters we carry a large selection of different stunt scooter parts and accessories for your Custom Pro Scooter to ensure you find the right fit for your style of riding, giving you the best complete pro scooter, you could possibly have.

Everything down to the wheels you have, the pro scooter pegs you ride, or the type, style, and/or material of bars you’re using, all effect how you will be able to control your scooter and effectively learn or land new tricks. For example,  a park rider may like to have a smaller or shorter deck, and smaller or shorter bars on his scooter to be able to maneuver the scooter easier for the style of tricks he is trying to accomplish, as to where a street rider may like to have bigger bars to ensure control over his scooter, or bigger wheels such as 120mm wheels, instead of 110mm wheels, to ensure a fast paced speed in the streets and good ground clearance, Along with generally a longer/wider deck set up, for all the grinds and urban street environment.

Everyone has their own opinion to what trick scooter parts they’d like to ride, At the end of the day it really comes down to personal preference, however you like to have your set up, as long as your comfortable riding it, then keep it that way!