Is your Pro Scooter Ready for the ISA Competition

The ISA Pro Scooter Competition Qualifier for North America is just around the corner.  ISA stands for International Scooter Association , who in order to promote the sport throw down some of the biggest competitions worldwide in route to the great World Finals!.  How does it work? This is the official information taken from ISA official website.

  • The ISA Championship is split into 3 regions; Europe, North America and Australasia.
  • Each region has 5 qualifying events.
  • The winner of each qualifying event receives a Golden Ticket which grants them a   place in the world final.
  • The next 10 riders from each qualifying event (places 2nd – 11th) secure a place in the   regional final. So each regional final has 50 riders.
  • The top 10 riders from the regional final go through to the world final.
  • They join the 5 Golden Ticket riders, meaning there are 15 riders from each region in    the world final.
  • 5 additional places in the world final are reserved for Wildcards. These are given out    for special reasons, for example, the current world champion receives one.

Pro Scooter Safety is a very important aspect along  the course of the competition. This is because some of the Pro Scooter Tricks and stunts are life threatening. In fact it doesn’t matter if it’s a beginner scooter competition or a youth pro scooter competition, safety should always be priority.It is responsibility of every rider to make sure their scooter parts are working correctly and assembled in a safe way.

If you ride make sure you have the right bars. For instance take a look at our light Riot Bars, Bars like these boost the performance of the rider. Adjust your wheels, and remember your spares should be the right millimeters. (ex. 110mm Scooter Wheels ).  Smooth Bearings are always nice to have. It’s recommended not to use a new deck for a competition, so ride a deck your already confident with.

For any Pro Scooter Competition you decide to enter we recommend that you plan your lines, and try to practice in the park where the competition will be held at. As mention above take care and be prudent with your safety gear. Verify that your scooter is well assembled, and take in consideration any previous injury or medical condition. Have fun and remember to visit the ISA North American Qualifier this next April 28th.


– Rafael Cordero